Nursing Home

DGL Laboratories offers an array of services to assist with patient care in the nursing facility or group home setting. DGL has developed many policies and procedures to meet the specialized needs of the patients and the nursing staff.

DGL's commitment to high standards in laboratory service include the following features:

Account Set-Up

  • Review of all patient information (demographics, billing, lab orders) during initial set-up
  • Complete inservicing in the use of DGL services

Order Management

  • Laboratory recurring order system
  • User-friendly ordering system
  • Weekly lists of upcoming laboratory orders

Phlebotomy Services

  • Fully trained Phlebotomy staff available 24-hours-a-day, 365-days-a-year
  • STAT specimens collected within four hours of the request (within DGL designated service areas)
  • Therapeutic medication monitoring

Quality Testing

  • Same day results available for most routine testing
  • Results reported daily via teleprinter, auto fax or courier
  • Results automatically sent to the facility and the ordering physician
  • All critical and STAT results called to the facility
  • Reports designed to facilitate rapid evaluation of abnormal results

Billing Services

  • Third party billing to Medicare, Medicaid and other insurance carriers

Specialized Services

  • Participation in monthly/quarterly QA/CQI meetings
  • Audit of patient charts for laboratory orders available on request
  • Infection control assistance
  • Monthly and quarterly Quality Assurance reports available on request
  • Courier service for report delivery, supply delivery and specimen pick-up
  • Consultative services available 24-hours-a-day, 365-days-a-year
  • Specimen collection supplies provided
  • Employee testing (post exposure/substance abuse) available